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Welcome to Amuse News, the information that may amuse you if your muse is music. My name is Alekey Igudesman and this is my coanchor Jack Offski Jack is not much of a orator, but that may be just what we need. So far music information has looked like this: Mr. Cole what kind of parents did you have? My father and granddad were executives. My grandmother and baby Were members of the baptist school. In a nutshell I will tell you stuff that has already happened recently pick out a subject that I can rant on about Speak to clients who most probably “ve got nothing” that special to say, but are for some reason considered virtuosoes in the world of music and then I will pick out a topic for the week concentrated on, which may be as specific as the piccolo, or as wide-ranging as pop music.But without much further ado, let’s get to the headlines. Cardi B files for divorce from Offset. Amuse News is wondering: what determine it off? Earth wind and shell celebrates their song September with a brand-new remix. The propel is expected sometime in October. A trumpet building in 1948 belonging to Louis Armstrong himself will be auctioned off on the 14 th of October. It is unclear whether he had it with him on the moon. Justin Bieber starrings as Drake in a brand-new DJ Khaled music video confirming our hunches that all pop adepts are the same person. The Berlin Philharmonie has decided to adapt a brand-new chessboard seating, intending the first row can only move one step at a time, whereas C3 can move to C5 D9 must jump over the bishop and publics that achieve checkmate in six moves or less get the money back. It will be obligatory to wear a mouth and snout reporting whilst eye masks and earplugs remain optional. Maestro Ivan Fisher has invented a new Coronavirus face mask that double-faced up as a celebration costume.Apparently it also ameliorates the audio know and for an additional 10 euro, you are eligible to even have a matching dumbo trunk. In this day and age of bullshit story on the one place and odd Orange-skinned people claiming that everything is fake news on the other, I thought it may be nice to have real authenticated and 100 percent approved Fake News. The following story is most definitely bullshit. Jascha Heifetz, arguably the best and perhaps the fastest violin player of all time, has been found to have a definite advantage: He had a third arm.No one would have ever recognise had the following picture not turned up. Before he had the third arm implant, Heifetz’s playing had something to be wanted. And now over to Lucy Landymore and her musical tutorials. This is the violin, pronounced in German “wiolin” … Why? So today we’re going to start with a very high note. As you can hear from that I can get many different tints out of the instrument and i’m going to demonstrate again on this note…Which is the octave above. As you can see the fretboard is black. No one certainly is well known tones they’re playing. And now i’m going to demonstrate the tension and the liberation that it is possible to attain on the violin. Tension … and handout. We have a sponsor: Thomastik-Infield. They’ve asked me to introduce this string. This is the e string that I represent it’s really good. So we’ve done that.And now something completely different. Thomastik Strings: Out of this World! And now my favorite part of the show: Joo’s Rant. So I’m sitting all cozy in my concert set, I’ve been to the toilet, I’m ready to enjoy my Mozart Symphony that’s full of joy and then the symphony orchestra strolls on. Oh, excuse me sorry, uh, is this a funeral? Am I in a fucking funeral? What’s going on, did somebody die? It’s like a procession! Oh and then the soloist moves on wearing fannies or a dres. Ooh, i’m above you! I’m an nobility! No, you’re not! You’re a human, being time be normal! Say hello. Did you say hello? Hello. I paid money to come and see you! No, but they’re all garmented very seriously. It’s like this is my outfit to play Beethoven. It’s terrible! Musicians should be celebrated for the individualism in the orchestra. Everybody looks black. You search so drab. I can’t see you! Where are you? I just see like some blob. No, wear complexion! Music is full of colour! While we’re at it: What the fuck is this turtleneck thing? Since when does it say: Ih if you’re a conductor … I’ve graduated from conducting school – oh, here’s your turtleneck maestro! This is total bullshit! And you know what? Turtlenecks look terrifying! What is this? Oh, i’m Sir blah blah…I’m conducting a turtleneck! You know, the only person that makes turtlenecks seem good is Sharon Stone! Okay? Is Sharon Stone a conductor? No! So please let musicians wear whatever they require and enjoy the music and play video games enormous. This is Hyung-ki Joo reporting for Amuse News. But now it is time for our main subject today. This week I would like to focus on the subject which everyone is most likely sick of hearing about, but “re going to have to”: The coronavirus and its impact on music. Arguably nothing ever in the world of anything ever has affected the world countries of music more, than the Coronavirus. Well, perhaps the blight. I represent black demise was not immense for playing concerts either. Musicians were struggling and poor once before the pandemic, but now it has reached the next level.As millions of musicians are considering taking up a place as controllers or software engineers, or in the UK half of the musicians previously doing it, some countries try to help their freelancers. Well, some more than others. Look, those quantities are fictional and saw, up which introduces us back to the problem of fake news. It’s so easy: if you do not have the budget for real research you make up the numbers or you gather them from other websites, which don’t have the budget and become them up themselves. Then one can cite each other’s bullshit multitudes and bingo: Therefore welcomed 2020! The assist that musicians are coming in the U.S. is being burnt from various orchestras without anywhere else to turn. The sound macrocosm is not really changed any less, especially as some of the acts are used to performing in gigantic stadiums.Now the future inspects a bit like this: Of trend if you’re not a top whiz and have been struggling before you are really fucked now. The movie “The Pianist” outlined how a vocation of private individuals was devastated by World War 2 for several years. Literally every pianist, is the pianist in that movie these days. If you played gigs as a ordinary papa, jazz or cl assical muso, and were not part of some grand … If you played gigs as a ordinary pa, jazz or classical muso and were not part of some grand orchestra, you could have saved up all you craved but after some months, you’re still fucked.But hey, orchestras are fucked more and some more than others, I predict. In Europe many orchestras are supported by the government. The US system of having rich donors as patrons is a good idea in theory, but once the economy has a downturn like during corona days and the donors jump off: Bye bye orchestra! Orchestras are closing left right and center and simply shooting their musicians and staff. Which in the US is about 80 players to 800 staff member per orchestra.But that insignificant incompatibility, we will talk about another time! Staying at home has forced musicians to reconsider everything. Some started practicing. Some stopped rehearsing. Some started and then stopped. Then we had the second brandish. The second billow of musicians announcing “performances” from home. This wandered from professional “Hope at Home” recorded for Deutsche Gramophone, broadcast on Arte and social media to this: At the same time as so many musicians suffering the violinist Daniel Hope’s career has been going through the roof, to such a limited extent that some people have started conspiracy theories that Daniel Hope orchestrated the Coronavirus. Not genuinely, but perhaps after this they will. Speaking of the ogre, our guest here today is no other than Daniel Hope himself. He is a violinist who records on the famed classical music label Deutsche Gramophone. Born in South Africa for some reason, he is of German Jewish descent, with his maternal grandparents escaping the Nazis.Basically, he is an all-around musician a columnist, radio multitude, a music partisan, domestic producers who curates multiple carnivals so he’s a reasonably brutal big cheese, okay? Hi! Daniel, immense to have you on Amuse News! Great to be here with you, Aleksey, wherever we are exactly. “Wheres” we? What is this, by the way? Yeah, it’s just a thing that I do. Only don’t worry about it. Precisely relax. Anyway, Daniel, we convened for the first time over 30 years ago at the Schleswig Holstein Festival where we used to just hang out and, I suspect, participate some music. What have you done since then? Have you doing things special? Where have you been? Was it genuinely 30 several years ago? My goodness me. Absolutely. I predict yeah, I’ve been playing the violin a good deal. I’ve been move. I’ve been writing records obliging cinemas, a bit like you do.Taking my inspiration from people that think outside the box. Because that’s what clears me tick certainly. Sorry, am I assuming you? I was just checking the oral measurements of the banana. I beg your pardon? It’s well .. Nevermind. This morning you were meeting with german chancellor Angela Merkel. Now you’re talking to me. Are you worried about him the sudden rapid decline in your vocation? Yes. I’m highly, very concerned by it. But …( I would be .) I’ve heard good things about you, so I made I would give it a try. During the beginnings of the pandemic most people decided that they would just take some time off and wintry but you partnered up with Arte and Deutsche Gramophone and started “Hope@ Home” which was basically streaming high quality home concerts with some uncommon soft lighting in the background and you innovating your prestigious guests with your sexy late enunciate. Was this in order to send the message to the other musicians: “Look at me, I’m better than you” or what was the reason? No , no, of course, it wasn’t on the contrary.I was like everybody in the lockdown sitting here with an empty-bellied journal and watching those series the same as “youre gonna”. Right. And at the beginning I thoughts this is fantastic. People are getting out there communicating playing from their balconies from their garages, and it was a wonderful symbol that “were just” connected somehow around the world with music. And after a couple of days and a week, I started to wonder about the resonate caliber of the flows because classical music is about listening, it’s about tone. The head of arte rang me up the day after the lockdown and he said: Would you be interested in a series from home? ” I said: “I would but only if I can make it voice really like a concert hall.” And he said: “I don’t think that’s possible.” So I said: “Well, I know parties that I conceive could do that and they’re the people from Teldex Studios”, whom I enjoy, you know, they’re just some of the greatest sound technologists in the world.Oh wow. I rang them up. I said: “Can you come over here? “, right here where i’m sitting. And I said: “Can you tell me in these four walls around here, can we make this sound good ?? And they took out their microphones and their changes and they’re very clever chaps And “theyre saying”: “Yeah, I believe that we can make it happen.” And so that’s when I announced Arte back again said: “okay, let’s do it.” Not truly knowing when we would start or how it would happen and then Artet said: “Okay, let’s start tomorrow night.” I was like: “You’re crazy.That’s not possible! ” He said: “We have to do it. If you want to do it you have to do it now. It has to be live.” So in we led and I expected we might do five maybe 10 the most 2 weeks I “d no idea” we’d do 70 incidents and 8 million people would stream it. I had absolutely no thought. I have to say it is also your sex spokesperson and the soft lighting in the background. I intend the playing is beautiful, but that’s like the murderer. Don’t underestimate soft illuminating Aleksey, you are familiar with. That’s what I’m saying. It can it can get you very far. It’s amazing what you’re doing.It’s it’s really great. So, I study … You you can do it now. You can … Get it out. Out what? Get get it out. You can get it out. You can take it out. Get what out? Precisely take the … Take out the CD you want to plug! But YOU asked me to show this! This is “Hope@ Home”, the Deutsche Gramophone CD, the “Best Of”, which I’ve been asked to relentlessly plug by my good friend Aleksey Igudesman, well-known television personality, composer, violinist and jack of all trades. And we’d be very happy if you consider purchasing this as soon as possible. If you like now is your minute to just tell us about, your next concerts come through here. You can time roster them. Only go ahead. Just say everything that you’re doing.Oh come on, don’t be like that. No, it’s…we’re gonna plug your shit! I want this is what this is for. You’re supposed to tell your beings are in place to your concerts, so … Well, this this week i’m going to be in Prague … Unfortunately, that’s all we have time for this week. But thank you Daniel. However, “hope” is near as concerts have started happening, but with some minor restraints … And one has to say that some of the musicians may just be a little bit out of shape … Additionally orchestras started doing corona videos. Yes us musicians are having a hard time, but there are still parties starving in the world and women being abused, especially during corona goes. Which draws me to a video where I was involved in with “The Impossible Orchestra” which is a really wonderful and noble project by the Mexican conductor Alondra de la Parra who has recruited top soloists like Maxim Vengerov and for some reason me and obliged us to play orchestra parts of the notorious Mexican Danzon by Arturo Marquez.This project had given rise to hundreds of thousands of euros for good induces before it even propelled. Anyway unless you articulated some effort into it and maybe even raise some coin for a good generate or at least for yourself Stop performing pointless corona videos. Which reminds me that I made a pointless corona video. But I made a point of it being utterly pointless. There is no good cause, there is no money heightened, there is no endorsement or business interest for anyone, exclusively financial loss for me. But oh my god, it was so much fun to establish. Writing the texts to this poetic masterpiece took me literally seconds. But I simply had to do it.And what is my message? Stay safe Stay sane And keep innovative. Because that is the only way to stay sane. And now without much further ado arguably the most pointless thing or song or whatever you want to call it that came out of corona times: Corona Corona Nanana It’s corona occasions Time to stay at home Corona Nanana Stay at home Corona Nanana Don’t you move Corona Nanana Just you alone Corona Nanana Na Nana Corona Nanana Corona Corona Nanana Corona Nanana Corona Nanana Corona Nanana Coronana Nanana Coronana Nanana Corona Nanana Na Nana Nanana Yahana Oh yeah Corona Nanana Nanana Corona Corona Nanana Oh yeah Corona Nanana Come on , none! Corona Nanana Dance with me at home Corona Nanana Oh yeah Corona Conona Corona Nanana Corona And again! Corona Nanana Corona Nanana Coronana Nanana Coronana Nanana Corona Corona Nana, nana, nana, nana Nanana Nanana Corona Nanana Corona There is one particularly surprising characteristic that has come out of corona eras: Countless people who were safely applied and retained on manipulating from home without danger of losing their job felt annoyed, lost and at times even chilled. Yet many musicians and creators whose entire financial cosmo was jeopardised experience sanctioned through the sudden inventive and reflective time.Now, of course there were plenty of us who were and still are worried. But virtually there is something freeing about … Well about being free. Free from having to play concerts and having obligations and able to pursue inventive ideas such as haphazardly starting your own personal music story that cheer. Amuse News was fixed possible with the help of Thomastik- Infeld, Music Traveler and a entire cluster of amazing people be presented in the credits.Look this was the first episode so, you are familiar with, I’ll probably to be all right perhaps or maybe not. I intend … Who opens a shit, right? Subscribe !.

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