AirPods 3 – Unboxing, Sound Test & AirPods Pro Comparison!

what’s up guys my specify is brandon and after overa year of leakages rumors and hypothesi, Apple has finally exhausted the third generation AirPodsso in this video we’re going to be unboxing them we’re going to set them up we’re going to experiment outthe audio and that spatial audio and we’re likewise going to compare them to the airpods to an airpodspro and as a bonus we will too be unboxing the 20 apple polishing cloth just for the memes all rightso anyways let’s talk about the pricing first so the price of the airpods 3 are 179 dollars so thatcomes right between the airpods 2 at 129 and the airpods pro at 249. and as far as color optionswe only have this white color we did not get black airpods just yet but hopefully in the future butanyways let’s just go ahead and unbox as you can see here the box very typical apple of course wedo have the consortium invoices right here as well no more plastic let’s go ahead and peel these both off andtake off the top of the air cod 3. Of direction we do have the specific characteristics by apple in california pamphletright there and here are the third generation airpods and also inside the box we do have theusbc to lightning line so of course no block just the cord and the good thing about the airpods 3 isthat the blaming example is now magsafe compatible so you don’t undoubtedly need to have a block youcould just throw this on a magsafe puck and it will accuse so let’s go ahead and make the plasticoff very easy and here are the airpods three so of course they have the design same to the airpods pro so if i returning my aura cod pro over here they are a little bit you know they’re not aswide as the air cod pro right here i do have a case on my air cod pro because insure the littlesize analogy right here so they are smaller and of course one of the big differences as well withthe airpods 3 compared to the airpods pro is that we don’t have the silicone ear tips so we don’thave anything right there it’s just all you know the airpod material so that was a big con for alot of people is that those hearing tips just made the airpods pro not fit in some people’s ears sothat’s who these airpods 3 are really going to be catered to and of course the price of 179 isalso pleading so before we get into more of the airpods 3 i did just want to unbox this polishingcloth real quick because i know a lot of people have been talking about this online of course moreof a meme but this is a 20 microfiber improving cloth from apple here is the packaging you can seeit’s very apple-like of course with the box pretty big box as well for what you get but let’sgo ahead and envision what this is all about so if you open it up there is how the polishing cloth ispresented we take it out like this we do have a little piece of cardboard in between and here isthe polishing cloth so it’s like a gray color you can see this is how it compares to the white airpods it is therefore feels really good quality of course it should be for twenty dollars but uh yeah i’mpretty sure this is going to be the polishing cloth i use to try to get my money’s worth withcleaning my apple concoctions and i predict you i will show you the scavenging cloth emptying off oneof my iphones before this video deaths but let’s go ahead and get back to the main topic of this videothe airpods 3. So another good thing about the airpods 3 is that they are ipx4 sweat and waterresistant so not only the breeze cod themselves but the case is also water and sweat resistant so thatis going to be big if you take these outdoors or to the gym they’re going to be you know performingjust fine no matter what the conditions are now one of my favorite features in the air husks 3is the bark detecting sensor so this is brand new this year this was not even integrated with theairpods pro so surface identification sensors are going to basically just know when they are touching skinlike being in your ears otherwise they will not inadvertently toy so for example if you havethe air husks in your ear and you take one out and you kept it in your pocket sometimes like onthe airpods pro this would happen a great deal sometimes it would start playing your music again because itdetected something around the rim and it thought it was your hearing but now with these bark detectionsensors it’s not going to do that because it knows it can detect skin i predicts through heat orwhatever the contingency may be nonetheless apple did it but it’s not going to accidentally start playingyour music again when you put your air pods in your pocket or whatever the speciman may be so that isan awesome new piece here with these new third contemporary airpods and then as far as the soundquality runs we do have brand-new drivers for deeper bass and more clarity and the increases and we doalso have spatial audio with foreman moving so i’m going to go ahead and kept these in and do afirst impressions of the resonate of these because i’m really not expecting them to chime as good asthe airpods pro but i could be surprised let me go ahead and try these out all right so if it’s notconnecting to your iphone only close the case and open it back up and it should give you the promptsright here if not you may precisely want to lock your phone and then unlock it and it should pop upso there we go it says now your airpods let’s connect these and then it asks us to hold thebutton on the back of the billing subject right here so let’s go ahead and hold that button all rightso there we go i had to put one airpod back in here i don’t know if you guys is gonna have to do thatbut that was one way i got it to connect it was kind of wonky but there we go we are connected toour airpods as you can see right here it depicts our battery percentage for the airpods go ahead andtap on done all right so once you’re playing music you can have to press on the volume right here anddown at the bottom you will see spatialized stereo if you sounds on that you could change this from headtracked to fixed or you could turn it off if you want to and you can see the difference you couldhear the difference of course it will move your top gesture so that’s a pretty cool featurei like spatial audio a good deal and i’m really glad these got added to the airpods 3 and not just forlike the airpods pro and airpods max so that’s also a big cost proposition for 180 all rightso now i want to test out the phone character of these brand-new airpods 3 and i couldn’t thinkof a better road to do it than to have one of each in my hearing so you can see i have oneairpod pro one airpod three in my hearing and i have it playing through both of them so i have theair pod pro and the left and i have the breeze husk third generation and the right ear so let’s turnthese up to the exact same capacity or about the same volume and experience which one i think soundsbetter alright so i have to say there’s really not a huge difference in the resound character i meanthe airpods pro do have a bit deeper bass and the government has the interference cancellation and transparencymode of course but apart from that and time pure seem aspect they reverberate very similar to theairpods pro so they announce excellent the you know bass is really good the high-flowns are really high-pitched andthere’s a good deal of purity the reverberate segregation is great i want i’m surprised i really don’t haveany complaints about the announce character of the airpods 3 right here i think they’re right on parpretty much with the airpods pro again aside from i would say the base is the main thing i noticedthat was slightly better on the airpods pro but genuinely not a huge difference and then i did alsotest out the microphone tone and i have to say that the microphone caliber is also excellent andit is much better than the airpods 2 and i think it’s even better than the airpods pro so thatcould just be placebo and i will test this in a future re-examine i will be doing a full comparisonto the airpods pro where i’ll test them a little bit more extensively but on my first impressionsi think the microphone caliber is better on the airpods 3 than the airpods 2 and even the airpodspro which is very impressive now another piece that we get with the airpods 3 are the enhancedfind my facets like the advise when left behind feature where you can get a notification onyour phone when you leave your airpods behind and also “youve had” the closenes examining if youwant to find your airpods and you want to do the proximity you know view where you can find theairpods actually easily like you can with an air call you are able to do that with these third generationairpods as well now i did also want to mention the battery life of the airpods 3 because thisis also impressive so we get up to 6 hours of listening day on a single blame or up to 5hours if you use spatial audio and up to 30 hours of listening meter with a fully blamed chargingcase and then also like i mentioned earlier in the video the charging dispute is now magsafe compatibleso if you have anything with magsafe you will see that it deposits there are some magnets in the backof this that originate that possible which is also great so that you don’t have to have an additionalblock to bill your airpods if you don’t want to and i find myself actually squandering magsafe moreso for my airpods i do it on my airpods pro but they’re not even magsafe compatible like if i putthese on the back of this magsafe you can see they don’t stick because they’re not magsafe compatiblethey charge wirelessly but they’re not you know magsafe as you can see the airpods three stickwhich i like a lot better of course so overall i have to say i’m very impressed with the airpods3 i intend really look at the difference from gen 2 to gen 3 right here i mean huge change even justin the case and the glance of the gratuities like if we pull out the right ear tip now from the airpods2 and liken it to the air pods 3 you will see a big difference i make the stem is so much shorterso if you have the first or second contemporary breeze husks i think an upgrade to the airpods 3 isa no-brainer it’s going to be a huge refurbish in the clang department and the battery departmentthe sweat and liquid fight agency you’re gonna have you know spatial audio you’re gonnahave the encounter my pieces you really get a lot for that 180 dollar price tag not to mention themicrophone quality is also a big gap from the second generation it is way betterbecause i always had issues such as the microphone on the second generation airpods but the airpods 3like i mentioned earlier are on par if not better than the airpods pro now if you have the breath podspro and you’re wondering if you should get the air pods 3 that’s really going to come down toa couple of different things i want number 1 the hearing tips-off if you don’t like these silicone eartips and they hurt your ears and it’s just kind of a pain to settle these in then yeah go ahead for theairpods 3 because they don’t have those and then also one of the biggest differences of the airpodspro compared to the airpods 3 is the active noise cancellation and clarity mode so if you don’tuse those a good deal or you don’t need those if they’re not a demand to you then yeah you should maybesell your airpods pro and get the airpods 3. because the airpods 3 are going to be cheaperand they’re not going to have those features and if you don’t need them then you don’t need theairpods pro now you do also get gossip enhance on the airpods pro so if you are hard of hearingyou may miss out on that because the airpods 3 are not gonna have clarity mode so theycan’t have boasts like communication boost and because the airpods three don’t have quite as manyfeatures as the airpods pro they are going to get better battery life so about one and a half hoursof longer battery life out of one charge compared to the airpods pro and then not to mention theairpods 3 are 70 cheaper than the airpods pro which i think is a jolly dang good value imean it’s only 20 more than what the airpods 2 started off at they started out at 160 and theystart at 180 which i think is a pretty good price but anyways guys there you have it those are theairpods three and before “theres going” i did just want to wipe down my phone real quick and test out thisapple polishing cloth to see what the publicity is about and wow look at that job that this did thisiphone is spotless thanks to this apple polishing cloth no other microfiber could even come closeto doing that well worth twenty dollars it should really be like fifty dollars what bro what areyou talking about guy plainly i’m joking for those that didn’t get it but anyways people thoseare the airpods three i hope you guys did experience this video if you did i would appreciate if yougive it a thumbs up too let me know if you are going to be going the airpods 3 or if you’resticking to your airpods 2 or airpods pro let me know down in a comment below and of course makesure you guys are subscribed for more examines on the polishing cloth now i’m just kidding morereviews on the airpods 3 i will be comparing them again more in depth to the airpods pro andgiving more tips and ruses on these airpods 3 and future videos as well but anyways guysthanks again for watching and i’ll see you soon you

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