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mouna on the subway programme as the civilize buns by videogame Mona prances on screen Planes Trains in Cannes with dr. Mona Minh Cara streets of Tokyo Mona listening to crosswalk button cute parodies Mona with a kimono and umbrella jiggling desert mono marches through the cloth doorway episode 5 the influence of Technology Airport so I exactly moored in Japan and they offered me aid and I made it because I’m really tired and Mona at the plane to get through and I want to be able to find the Metro as fast as possible so stay adjusted sometimes the people think that blind people shouldn’t travel or go out but I feel like no of course because walking with airline personnel your first time coming it’s my first time in Japan first time I’m very excited um if you determine a restroom gestures toward resume video game Mona leaps on screen talking Maps bonus surprised okay this is cool so excited oh look there’s the visa are these for the Kanes tendernes guides different countries have different material or spacing for the caring leader this is cool but I don’t need it cuz I’m with you Tokyo subway delineate airline personnel encourage Mona through subway recreation so the card goes right here yeah oh nice on the qualify programme she was so nice and she even watched the trailer for Johannesburg with me flashback to Johannesburg Mona’s bag outside the civilize as doorways closed improves doorman cousin[ Music] you have to watch to see what happens what is cigar me substantiating the so a compressed tactile shows by the taught organ and then is there a wall ah there’s a wall okay this locate when your lips like yeah is this where the door will be ah and then here is where the wall will be I understand was that Archer okay there’s nice thank you so much thank you thank you very much for your residence expressed appreciation for I will thank you gazing out the develop opening[ Music] daemul station platform hey people so I just got off at dynamo depot as you guys saw this amazing lady help me out she facilitated me get to the Train like come my card so that was really cool and I received myself really like now really fast now I got to go find platform for and I wait on line so I can go to toilet roll me which is where my inn is that so let’s figure it out say to subway station cane guides came ushers head Mona to the stairs Mona with her luggage testing the stairs yeah no not here walking around station o-ring on terminal platform excuse me excuse me do you know how to get too close oh my oh my oh my okay okay okay my business card I’m making documentary about blind people traveling yeah you can just go what’s your name Oh maintains okay don’t in Japan and we stopped on the Left my first time yeah Kansai is right Kansai is right oh okay okay thanks build a train platform hey guys so i’m i constituted it to hopefully the freedom train there’s a really nice guy assistant now and now i’m waiting in line to get on and I’m going to ride the instruct eight stops and then I’ll be near my inn oh I ponder the drill arrived no on the metro pulpit beings wait patiently for the Train it’s so orderly and during metro car ooh cool chime[ Music] demos station to torture mine[ Music] this teach depot is huge hopefully I’ll know somebody who can help me out exiting entrance mona taps your card what’s your epithet I’m Asami can you show me how to get to the Hyatt yeah that’s good I know Masami talks in the information agency know what that occasion contests kind of like online there okay yeah yes okay a saebom no your best friend to come over here so we will take you we are to be able take you okay okay oh yeah my friend come let’s see how many times Mona says thank you thank you thank you you guys are so sees Masami talks so follow so I can’t I “re going to have to” claim she’s not there if you can’t help me Oh getting assisted by two girls again this seems familiar flashback to Turkey Mona helped by two protection apartment she thanks them six hours the current thank you my score is six the two women facilitated Mona masami’s friend feet ahead Masami holds Mona by her bond okay I got it by the way I’ll let you know if I need to hold on to you I will tell you expressed appreciation for let’s go and they march side by side down the hallway in there yeah okay okay let me yes I am but I have to focus they afford Mona space before the escalator I got it Mona has said thank you three times so far I went I got it so I really need my offset okay thank you okay expressed appreciation for at the circus wow I’m in Japan first time all right all right okay thank you[ Music] and then where’s the inn okay oh and to the right or to the left sign it speaks Hyatt Regency oh okay thank you you guys are so nice it’s like okay they’re enroll hi okay expressed appreciation for let me thank you I wanna okay chickie yeah I have the second over there okay I miss it I miss it so what the thinking of who we only just a good fit so glad oh you guys sorry Pat’s murmur on the arm hotel hall I’m good yeah expressed appreciation for yes yeah so this is the Haier Regency excellent excellent yeah they hug Moana Misawa was close to the camera blowing kiss expressed his appreciation for some Tulane I want to thank you it’s okay I they came those on Facebook do something I tallied 18 thank yous day to sparkling chandelier of the Hyatt Regency now I’m heading to the hop-on hop-off bus squandering the public transportation system let’s see how it goes so this pumps here before the stairs which is cool which is something I liked about London so far Japan has everything that I’ve liked about different countries video game Moana emerges stare indicators and turn metro cane[ Music] Marunouchi line man oh I visualize the develops arriving[ Music] auditory subway info metro entrances open participate drill automobile inside the train leave set oh did you hear that that’s a different job seems like there are different melodic tones for different develops is that the chime of a faucet another cool thing and I don’t frequently highlight bathrooms in this documentary still you know we don’t need to talk about everything but one thing that’s really cool about Tokyo is that T’s Kang steers it resulted me here like I was able to follow it and there’s this basically audio telling me that there’s toilets now the bathrooms right here and I thought that was really cool but still even listening the word da audio and hearing poverty-stricken Luna whatever they’re saying closing off the toilet terribly stunning highly accessible I don’t need to really ask anybody I precisely follow like a guy’s turn pickets lead to talking restroom Maps exiting a metro entrance I hear chicks is the bird’s house because the exhibit is nearby streets of Tokyo Mona follows the cane geitman the public transportation needs to be extremely efficient in Tokyo because they secreted a public justification when the teaches are only 20 seconds late or 20 seconds early which is kind of insane cuz I don’t think anywhere else there’s this precise and imagine if they had one commuter that was slowing down everybody no chamber for that and that’s why it’s so efficient even for someone like me who’s blind and needing to travel for the first time within their system with these systems in place not only moves of benefit blind people but it benefits everyone can people produce immediately to the bus door Mona registers bus rainy streets of Tokyo Mona had a tourist center folders ordered the wall of this room hey guys so injuries nearly enough we were walking back you know after a long day of amusing adventuring and we came across this locate that’s an Information Center for tourism and the first thing that like blew my attention and actually Natalie attained it was this booklet that is literally a Tokyo guide for accessibility for sightseeing throughout the city it literally like a template for parties or blind they can follow along connecting different sites around the city then the dame who works now was really nice and gave us a guidebook for moves that Don various so like a sightseeing paths for you know wheelchair accessible I was just blown away I’m Muslim and there’s also steers for parties or Muslim around Tokyo everything you can ever must be considered I was just blown away that they had something specific for accessibility set aside stay adjusted and let’s see what the city will continue to offer I want to buy the elevator speak Braille on the elevator elevators have Braille type building aisles and balcony hi guys I just made it now to the place where we’re gonna have the tea ceremony I’m standing in the lobby we had to take off our shoes we can’t actually videotape during the tea ceremony itself what I’m gonna be wearing a kimono and afterwards we can videotape as much as we want so I’ll tell you about how it proceeded and how the knowledge are I’ve never done anything like this before so I’m very excited to stay carolled traditional Tea Room Mona in a kimono ceramic containers bamboo wipes and tatami flooring hey guys so I’m abide you inside you saw we just finished its ear so that service as you can see I’m wearing the kimono so the first thing they had us do is come in and wear the traditional Japanese kimono which by the way it’s kind of complicated I don’t think I’d be able to do it on my own then they brought us into this room and sat us down in front of the puts which are to my right and showed us how to do an official tea ceremony are monahan Natalie whiskey tea time a real struggler touch experience apparently tea ceremonies are something that we do tea there at the church or at the brand-new years and it’s something that’s very traditional it’s not apparently common amongst the younger contemporaries but subsequentlies I got to actually feel all the tools she really audio-described everything I was doing and apparently traditionally more when you’re finished boozing your tea you slurp and this is because it was usually done in the dark very and the multitude might not be able to see you so this way it wasn’t literally an audio response to the fact that you are done and indicate that it was yummy so exceedingly blind accessible so tell that remain tuned and thank you shrine in the city paper lamps wanna speaks to three Americans we were walking and in the distance I discover some English we happened upon a enshrine and there were some fellow Americans and we started talking about accessibility mostly their cane chaps on the grind and they are so well done here that I can go now from like inside the station to a bus stop and what was even cooler for me is that like you know usually had a bus stop you don’t know where the bus is exactly gonna stop where the door is gonna be but the can guide leaves you right off the door I was like this is insane I don’t know it was unbelievable and then there too have like little areas that merely have like protrusions on the field and they might have talking like you press apply and it tells you oh women’s bathroom like to the left and then battle to the right too do what I told one of the maidens and report was I was like you guys have excelled us in the stage right and she’s like oh it’s just gone expressed appreciation for even in big city so much less you know like I said we’re in rural Missouri there yeah there’s nothing one thing that I thought was also cool is like when I was about to cross the street like I was like trying to find the plan to cross with it automatically just for us we don’t we don’t even realize what that’s for it’s fun talking to you to understand what all these features are for sure okay so I’m in I’ve been places great importance and it seems like when a devotion they want to close doorways they toy a song have you heard that in three different train stations he’s listened different motifs I haven’t forget off the pattern yet I don’t know we’re investigating whatever to help them maybe fine we thoughts maybe or she thoughts I gratify not me she’s like the different music maybe corresponding to a different civilize final destination so for instance you have like 7 that was the occasion that would be brilliant yeah 7 or 8 different drills that go to different locations and 7 or 8 different hymns that would help guide you there maybe I don’t know yeah perhap I don’t know and then like I simply I mean they announce it in English which really helps you’re not somebody who’s a Japanese but I was also really cool is like I was able to like ask for help and people have been helping very easily and like an assistant brilliantly genuinely respectful I’m Sami and every wants you to help you talk up pointing do whatever it is you’re trying to do you are familiar with and that’s well candidly guys are really nice to me Missy Mona Chris Chris Ramona she can’t so I exactly “re saying” like I was trying to figure out what where we were and I already heard a human being turns out fellow Americans was right there so I check it out Mona crossing the road it’s chirping I don’t spans now it feels like I’m in a videogame alleyways filled with neon lights Moana dancing step on hectic crosswalk Moana toy taiko containers at an arcade drumming rapidly saina trees robot presented tea cart hey guys I exactly we came in all the regions of the tea cart I never had tea with a big heart so I’m about to cry right now it’s brown sugar Okinawa Pete this is the ginkgo tree leaves because it’s mold like a devotee I only went up to the counter and bought this reduction calorie mate saying that not only help me pick out but it seems weird I was just looking for a protein bar so let’s try this I got no idea what I convey it takes a bite immediately shakes front no hey you wanna try touching plastic menu so I’m not really here to advertise their menus by making them into plastic is all plastic fortres municipal light-coloreds I’m in supermarket we’re trying to figure out how this ramen thing pieces now I pulp the button it ding walk you through cloth doorway automated telling machine single booth ramen shop very tightly jam-pack wiggling green tea jelly Mona takes a drink lay require placard the booth window opens and a waitress takes the card seating chart Mona sits on prowes stools waitress gesticulates and boughs outside each year on ramen so we just finished eating at this ramen neighbourhood and what was really interesting is that it was automated the tell process was altogether automated you departed up to a wall I had a bunch of buttons you press what you wanted and so I just wanted to brought forward by the question of does the automation how does that work for a blind person well in terms of accessibility that wasn’t accessible to me at all it’s easier for me to talk to a person than to figure out what the buttons say because the buns didn’t have any Braille on them at all back at the road I need help with this is not accessible so I don’t know I feel like that’s one thing about the city there’s a lot of things that are accessible but there’s also lies things that are automated and what does that planned so stay tuned and let’s check it out as we continue with our adventure now let’s go to the inn ambling down subway station Tokyo you’re doing it right the Kang guides are everywhere steers leave Mona to ticket booth terminals have different announces to help the visually impaired there is the sound of oozing sea to indicate a shower audio lavatory benchmarks and loudspeakers by the escalators to help guide your direction there’s also loudspeakers by construction sites to help the visually impaired handguards soreness chaps everywhere excellent there’s a din for whenever the tween a go when the doors open every study station has a different reverberate and it sounds like this[ Music][ Music] every single time an orphanage is a different resonate on different pipelines or the bang of fowls tend to get the exit listening by the staircase needless to say we got a lot to learn from the accessibility technology in Japan Tokyo you’re doing it right let’s see what else you want hey people they’re everywhere and it procreates me so pleased because it’s so inclusive it actually spawns me feel like if I was just plunked in the middle of the city I’ll find a king steer and it will ultimately leave me to somebody or leave me to try and platform or a bathroom or an elevator or the stairs nope and in one case an eyeglass store yeah I’m into the hotel and it was easy on the next escapade of planes teaches and canes abide carolled enrolling gondola artery expedition Japan countryside driving Mount Fuji in the distance stones – hey chaps so I’m standing here at the beginning of four hundred steps that we have to take hey chaps just finished climbing for 100 stairs agricultural village oh I’m sitting there but I truly wanna is not a timber wooden residence KitKat tower temple flower garden it’s a mini Mount Fuji apparently and apparently there’s little legs now asakusa bus how they got the construction sideline they actually put in a temporary came person that really feels a little different because the construction storey now how cool so inclusive America needs those people sushi restaurant so yeah so that’s a big you this is very interesting airliners learns and canes is manufactured possible by the lighthouse for the blind and the Hohmann prize planes instructs and kings boasts dr.Mona soldier Cara videoed by Natalie Guzzi and revised by Benjamin Jimenez pixel Mona artwork courtesy of Paul bilasa.

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