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CREATIVE PRO: You may haveheard there are four incredible brand-new iPhones. I want to tell you about them and help you understandthe differences between them. There’s iPhone 13 miniand iPhone 13, which have the most advanceddual-camera system in an iPhone andcome in five colourings. As well as iPhone 13 Proand iPhone 13 Pro Max which have our biggestcamera update ever and comes in four dyes. I’m going to walk throughsome exciting brand-new pieces available on allfour new iPhones. All the iPhones come withamazing brand-new camera features like Cinematic mode, improved lowlight carry-on, and Photographic Styles, as well as other greatfeatures like Ceramic Shield, the strong newA1 5 Bionic chip, super fast 5G, and longer battery life. We’ll too touch on somefeatures only available on iPhone 13 Pro andiPhone 13 Pro Max like Super Retina XDR displaywith ProMotion, macro photography, and 3x visual zoomon the Telephoto camera. I like these emblazons myself. After you learnabout the new iPhones, it’ll help you decide which isthe right one for you.You can always jumpto any of the chapters below if you want to skip ahead. Alright, let’s get going. With all the brand-new iPhones, the videos you takewill be next stage. And one of the most excitingnew features shared across all the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro poses, is Cinematic mode. To develop this peculiarity, Apple studiedthe skill of cinematography, and developed Cinematic mode, which lets you adda depth of plain upshot and dynamic focustransitions automatically, giving you the powerto create videos with shocking, Hollywood level polishjust like the movies. This looks great, do you mind? Uh … okay! Thanks! We’re going to addsome drama to this scene applying Cinematic mode. Let’s see what this lookslike abusing the new iPhone 13. To use this peculiarity, open thecamera and select Cinematic.QUIET ON SET! Ready? And … action! By selecting Cinematic mode, your iPhone will automaticallydetect person or persons, object, even petsbringing theminto focus and softening the backgroundaround them. Just thumped record and the camerachanges focus intuitively when it recognizesa brand-new face or subject, composing the ultimatecinematic impact. And retain, Cinematic mode is available on all new iPhones. Cut! Great job you guys! I actually thoughtyou were unconscious. If you want to changethe depth effect after you’ve finishedrecording, you can. Just go to Photos, select the video, thumped edit, and then with only a tap, you can adjustthe depth effect now, very, giving you totalcreative control. Perfect! And with the new iPhone1 3 Pro camera system, you’ll also haveeven more advanced low-light performance. Let me testify youon the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Simply frame your shot, and the camera automaticallycaptures exquisite detail in low-grade lighter situates. Action! Cut! CINEMATOGRAPHER: You get thison that? Okay get this thing off me! CREATIVE PRO: So if you lovemaking movies, the iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro might be the right onefor you. All new iPhone sits areequipped with Ceramic Shield. That wants iPhoneis designed to be durable, protecting itfrom accidental stops. And it has an industry-leadingIP6 8 spray opposition. So if you worryabout splashes or transgressions, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Maxwill be excellent for you.Oh, excuse me. All the brand-new iPhoneswere redesigned for even better battery life. That symbolizes a lot more playing, watching, running, and creating withoutneeding a charge. So if you’re someonewho devotes a good deal of time out and about, the new iPhones are designedto keep up with you thanks to their improvedbattery life. Even the smallest iPhone, iPhone 13 mini, has better battery life. And with iPhone 13, you can multitask for hourswith all day battery life. And with iPhone 13 Pro, it notonly has all day battery life, but its new Super RetinaXDR display with ProMotion offers an incrediblenew display experience.This 120 Hz adaptiverefresh rate display will make for immersive gaming and buttery smoothscrolling and swiping. Publicity is only availableon the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Speaking of the iPhone1 3 Pro Max, it comes with a 6.7 spectacle that gives you the most roomto watch, participate, and make. And the Pro Max hasthe longest battery life ever on an iPhoneto keep you going for hours. Hey! You’re next. FILMMAKER: Oh! CREATIVE PRO: When you takea photo on iPhone, you can count on itbeing beautiful. And now you can addan entirely new level of personalizationthanks to Photographic Styles, which is availableon all new iPhones.Let’s see what it looks likewith iPhone 13 Pro. BRIDE: Smile everyone! CREATIVE PRO: To usePhotographic Styles, sound the arrowat the top of the camera, then sounds thisPhotographic Styles icon to enable the feature. Unlike simple filters, this feature intelligently adjusts color and warmthto your photos. For instance, some of us likedeeper darks in our photos. Some passion themvibrant and punchy. There’s a Styleto establish your photos warmer. And one to represent them cooler, all while preservingskin ambiances. You can decidewhat works for you. Every term you pick a Style, it will be maintained that path, giving your photosa consistent look and feel. Each of the Stylesis customizable and labors across differentscenes and subjects. Oh, look at this shot! With the Pro camera systemavailable on iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, you can capture stunningdetail with macro photography. All you have to do is openthe Ultra Wide camera, and get in very closeto your topic. Nice ride! If your subjectis even farther away, iPhone 13 Pro too comeswith 3x visual zoom on the Telephoto camera, giving you clearer imagesfrom farther than ever. So, if you demand the mostpowerful camera system in an iPhone, either iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone1 3 Pro Max have you treated. Hey … can you drop me off? NEWLYWED COUPLE: Yeah, sure! CREATIVE PRO: This is me! Right here is great. Congrats again! Enjoy Bora Bora! So that’s all the big newsabout iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. With all of the features, sizes, and pigments available there’s sure to be an iPhonethat’s perfect for you.Thanks for watching . .

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