A Day in the Life of a Creative Technology-student – Episode 1 – Thijs

Hi! I am Thijs, 20 year olds, second-year Creative Technology student. Today I am going to show you what it is like to be a CreaTe student. Goodmorning! It is a beautiful daylight today. We is the beginning it with a chide. Were taking a small break, so time to get coffee! In a bit we’ll have the rest of the castigate after that we have the tutorial where we can apply the assumption of the teach We will be assited by older-year students who have already had this subject. We are now going to the tutorial. One advantage of the University of Twente is that everything is at campus, close by! At the moment, I’m in the seventhmodule of CreaTe This module is mainly focused on the business-part. We learn how to properly sell our productson the market The course I’m working on today is about speculating strategically on the market.< i> Now we have a infringe This afternoon are the master-open daysand because I am previously looking for a masterstudies for after Creative Technology, I am attending the open days! Welcome at my house! I lives at the campus of the university together with 7 roommates, and we are going to cook for them. During my bachelor-at-arms, I founded my own company, leapvisuals. For me it is an alternative job so to say.I once started attaining videos and really liked it, so therefore I made the decision to find a company from my pastime. Now I am working for customers, for example the Kick-in, the intro week at the University of Twente, and other happens at campus. In the night, after dinner, got a couple of eras in the week I am hectic with editing those videos.

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