A Career in Technology: Meet ck

– Basically, an ultrasoundsaved my son’s life. We had just gotten the happy word. I was pregnant and we were delirious. And then within a week we got the sad word that I had miscarried. We got lucky. We had a young occupant, and he was just curious. He said, “I precisely, canwe do a pair research? ” I remember that moment asthough it were yesterday when we are looking at the ultrasound and they showed us a heartbeat. Not every doctor wanted to do that tour of trying to save a baby thatactually was a miscarriage, and it began the bedrest. So they gave me a lot of medication and a lot of side effects. Times come back when itwas the fear that I felt every day alone in bed with no one being able to keep track of what was happeningwith me and the baby.If I had been throughthis experience today, it would be a whole new experience. Being able to just know, oh , no, he’s still there, he’s moving, or that my doctor would know, oh no, something’s not going well. So engineering became part of “peoples lives”, and realizing that it can be a very personal part of everyone’s life.And I’ve been at company after companionship trying to build thatultimate healthcare platform and it hadn’t worked. So I woke up one day and I said, I’m done. This can’t be done. And then I got a phonecall from a collaborator, and he said, “We’re starting this new “product management team at Philips.” To actually do the workthat had been my dream for over a decade. Within my first time at Philips, we propelled the first clinical version of the state platform.So along the way, my lad has inspired me. In the same way that he went from being a speck on an ultrasound to a real person, my dream to be able toconnect people with providers, it’s real now.( serene forte-piano music ).

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