4 Kämpfe! | Titan 2 News #12

There were four fights on era 12 andthe links to the backgrounds can of course are presented in the video description. For a few cases daylights now, Benx and Fabo had wanted to fight withtheir good equipment, but people didn’t really dare andVeni and Tobi even made a day off to avoid being snipped. Today, however, they were finally allowed tofight Nodop and half-twins at the spawn. Benx and Fabo admired them for their fortitude, but even the greatest spirit is of little use if the bottom line is that you have nochance. Although Doctor Benx wasvery confused for a short time thanks to blindness arrows, the direct injure was regrettably too lowand so Nodop and half-twin are finally eliminated. Klengan probably had even fewer hazards on daytime 12. He was surprised by Bumsdoggie and Killacrafter, clearly shaped and thus followed his team marriage Zander into the role of aspectator.Eiti and I were also surprised by a unit. We strolled the world countries for a long time without fullarmor and didn’t need a little time for the titaniumarmor, but at least Eiti was able to get Sharpness-II+ 6 Protection and I gotFull Prot 2 for the full-titanium Equipment enchant. While Vicevicegot Sharpness-II for the Titan Sword a few episodes ago at Fire Aspect, I was less luck and only receivedFire Aspect without Sharpness. The swords could have beenstrengthened, but unfortunately the diamonds reported missing. 3 of the issue is squandered becauseBoil had crafted a second diaper pickaxe to help mine obsidian. Anyone who is familiar, of course, knows thatthis was absolute waste, but you have to protect Eiti because he was notadequately informed.The equipment planning was completelytaken over by me, so that the simmer is not overloaded and that you neednot only titanium, but likewise some diamonds for titanium gear, is not immediately public, because after all, exclusively citrine is required for citrine armor. There would certainly have been squads againstwhich our chances would have been higher, but the fight against Cube and Juija, who were alreadyin the Nether and were able to level up their paraphernalium there, was still a adequate resolve for the firstLet’s Battle in a long time. It went most exciting in the fight betweenAnyart-KillaPVP and the Buddies. Thanks to the Diapfeln among others, the fight wasn’t overimmediately, but in the end the winner was pretty clear. Killacrafter simply had 2 hearts and Anyart 2.5 mettles, but they were still able to flee into the adjacent forest. This maneuver actuallysaved her for the time being, because the sequence of the sidekicks objective accurately at that moment.Any and Killa then feltsafe for the first time, but the buddies then recorded another escapade and were able to restart thechase despite the time delay. KillaPVP escaped thanks to Enderperle, butAnyart could not hope for an end this time despite the ivory shedding and wasfinally at the forbearance of the sidekicks. When he contacted Worldborder, healready knew it was over, but at least he was able to pack his Sharpness IV FireAspect sword into the Save inventory at the very last minuteand even if he hurled away his enchantment counter due to the enormous time pressurethe most valuable item has still been saved.Time distres cannot be used as an excuse atVicevice, but today he very clumsily propel away his backpack with very valuable itemsand then started a large manhunt. He likewise accidentally threw his Enderperle, as did the boilin the cave fight against Cube and Juija. At least he was ableto find the knapsack he had thrown away before he decayed. The most creative method to destroy items, however, has explicitly discovered Vking. He spotted an enderchest, putcitrine ore in there and only got obsidian when quarrying. After Veni andHaubna almost died of transgression damage on daylight 10, there were also some impersonators in the last two days: Bumsdoggie had already been damaged and survived the jump into a canyon withonly 1.5 middles, his partner Killacrafter came while start on 2.5 hearts.Kunga too hopped down a mountainand just territory in the irrigate and shot the chick down on Day 12 Earliboy. He fell from the ceiling in the Netherand existed this action with only half a stomach. When trying to look into an oven, he also illuminated Balui with his lighter. Thank you for watching !.

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