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The Z06 was a code for atrack familiarized act option on the 1963 Corvette. The only way you would even know toorder it was through people whispering in people’s ears. If you want to goracing right in the box you require, and Z06 six alternative, and you’llget all this specialty equipment. It wasn’t until the fifth generationthat we fetched it back and it’s become a brand unto itself. You want it to go faster, stop faster, turn faster. Mostly it’s the most trackoriented Corvette that we’d do through the fifth, sixth, seventh, and now eighth contemporary car.We’ve moved the street car and theracer closer and closer together. The improvement both on the vehicle sideand the engine side are tied up at the trendy. It’s a way to articulate the best of Corvettetogether and expand the performance bandwidth. The mid instrument design in the eighthgeneration Corvette allows us to do that even more. In my quest for performance.A Z0 6 was the car, simply mostly a race car for the streetand we’ll perform with the best of the best worldwide. It’s the first time that I’dexperienced a Corvette on the road that actually rode and felt likea race car. That precision. To me, that was everything. This is the one thatelevates the corevette symbol. Saying that it felt like a supercar. Doesn’t do it. Justice. For hips. It maintains you locked down. I know we’rehaving a conversation right now, but I’m still focused here.I’m still focusing on. The other parties that we’re competingagainst that are in a price range that is unique to themselves.Aren’t going to look back at this asthe one that changes how they operate. The feeling of the zero six as theengine, we had mid-engine architecture, which was a big step forward, but we also needed that power. There was a niche followingthat really yearned for the media response, the lightweight visceral feelof a naturally aspirated device that they are able to excess the horsepower ofthe prior contemporary supercharged Z06. What kind of powertrainwould it is essential to do that? The only way to achieve that is to do thehighest horsepower naturally aspirated V8 that’ s ever done in automotive biography. That’s what had to happen.[ Inaudible] this is cool. I got to look at the engine, Oh, this is the mag ridetoo.I merely started. Can I start it? An locomotive of this mood is trulyplaying in the tropical room. We had our hands certainly untied to buythe best aluminum forge pistons titanium, connecting rods to go to thetrue mechanical valve instruct. It is a low-pitched volumehand-built precision engine. The great advantage of moving to a flatplane crank is the mass in the engine. That’s moving. Thefastest is much lighter. And in make that allows the engine toaccelerate and speed much more rapidly than any small block before it, and also achieve more than 650 horsepower forming it the most powerful naturally aspirated V8engine in a yield automobile. We only do a mid locomotive vehicle. Oncewe really looked at, um, how to, how to get the engine that we reallyall wanted to have, which was, um, a flat airplane crank V8. That waswhat we really wanted to do. Oh my God. Oh my God. Still extending, having a seat, stay myself Z 51 packagejust to see the RPM go to 8.5 k I think it’s actually 8,600. Most of us are used toshifting a V8, you know, 65, 6600 at the, at the most prominent, the LT6 will rev 2 8600 RPM. From 7,000 to nearly 9,000 wasa totality different assortment that not many beings get to experience. And it attains capability the whole way up. So even when you’re up inthose higher RPM series, you could tell when westepped into the gas more, you could still feel it draw. Yeah. Wow. It’s just jiffy. And the thing maintains plucking and pullingand it’s all the way to the red way all the way to the red boundary, each time you just feel the powerbuilding and constructing and building to me is what it’s all about.That hurrying enables the engineto pump more air process, more ga and display more capability. But another part of it isgenerations of learning, how to poise the reporting requirements, to make a car fast andcomfortable on the track. And also comfortableas an everyday move, The manufacturing endurances inthis device, our race car tight, and that requires a skilled operatorand practice shims to shape the resulting engine essentiallyfit net, uh , no breaches anywhere. This instrument leads to 8,600 RPMthat’s by far the quickest spinning engine we’ve ever done. And the only way you do that is tohave unusually precise manufacturing. You guys good? Harlan. Ready? All title, here we go. No, we’re all used to Corvetteswith thunder from the gods V8 reverberate. My dad has a 62 Corvette and everytime I hear that thing, it’s wonderful. Over the course of 70 years now, you know what you’re going to get? And it’s this visceral VAsmall block experience. So for one on this vehicle, we don’t wantto lose that.But for two on this car, we’ve got a completely different engine. We want it to keep the Corvettesound, but too let you know, you’re in the flat aircraft crank, right? One of the first things wenoticed with the C8 Z06, where the car sounds great outside, but I can’t hear anything inside. There, but we can’t reallyhear it in the hovel. And you gotta be able tohear some of that in the car. Wow. Right? It’s a bit, like, there’sstill a lot of improvements to do. We have. This is a new chapter. We reallyneeded to move the needle there. And it actually necessary us tocompletely rethink the exhaust system. And so we ended up actually tearingup a bunch of the back of a vehicle, wholly rearchitecting the exhaust, decoupling the tips-off fromthe end of the tube. And we influenced the tipslike a overturn megaphone. So when the phone “re coming” and actuallyreflects off parabolic skin-deeps, and that programmes reverberate forward to thedriver’s hearing, it was a huge challenge.But we wanted that combining of soundsgreat on the outside and sounds great on the inside. And wewanted it to be real. The big-hearted part of this ride is toconfirm the clang caliber and the audio, uh, proximity, everything we’ve been striving for. We have batch of engineeringtools, but for this type of thing, there’s a chest cavity pumpingthing simply made you like a brick wall. When it drives by. When you get in the car or you standoutside the car and you hear the views and it gives you goosebumps. That’swhat you know. And this auto, this auto did that for us. Right there. Ma’am this givesme goosebumps every time. I think this is the perfect exampleof blending clinical purity, and likewise the rawness ofthe flat airplane crank. Flat aircraft crank. Itwas a symphony hearing. The mechanicals work it’smusic after so many years, I’m quite caught up to actually, that was pretty awesome.[ inaudible][ inaudible ]. I have a background in footwear anddesign before I came to GM there, you’re intend around an athlete.Everything that we have hereis designed around the mother. We respect our past, but weare always moving forward. We really try to cause the designto look better in a way that the car manipulates better. This new Z six has basicallystarted with a clean-living sheet of paper. I admire that because they justtaken the most advanced design and updated it each time. Itis so boosted and so edgy. Beautiful. It’s a careful balance of beautifulsculpture and the implementation of its metrics. We try to stimulate them transparentto the design itself. This time we’re changingeverything, but the doors, the ceiling and the hatchtypically starts at the road, wider rotations and tires, parcel, bigger diameter dampers, more friction, more stopping supremacy, better cornering power.The figurehead and rear faciais fenders in fourths. All the aerodynamic trash is different. A big-hearted part of the Z06mission is in its chassis. The building was designed to putpower to the ground like no Z06, before. 20 Inch diameter rotations in the figurehead. And for the first time 21 inchdiameter rotates on the rear, we want to make sure we make fulladvantage of that load on the backend, powering off the line tomaximize the resistance. The fact that we’re winding the tiresalso enables us to create bodywork that feeds right into the engineneed to breathe and be cool. We started putting the wider fendersand the wider fourths on it. Then it was like, okay, we got something here. Like prior generations of CSX.We have an available Z07 package. That’s for the trulycommitted racetrack party. You checked the box for a zeroseven.You’re getting ceramic restraints, carbon fiber soil effects.You get a carbon fiber wing. An optional carbon fiber pedal thatreduces unsprung mass by over 40 pounds. Lighter wheels revolve faster.Naturally when you reach a jolt, you demand the suspension toreact instantly. The lighter, the tire and wheel assemblyis the quicker it can do it.[ Inaudible] container. We’ve seena zero to 60 term of 2.6 seconds. We wanted to talk about how we canmake this very performance driven exterior. And how do we make theengineer up to another level? When you get into a manufacturing process, to some extent that comes verystiff and there’s not a lot of, uh, sensation and art and feel to it.I don’t even draw that human stroke. Carbon fiber is beautiful because youhave this man-made material that’s incredibly strong, lightweightgiving you that act feeling. Then we making the artinto it by the forms. Then it happens and then hitting it withleather slouse swimming on top of it. Each one of them were like buildinga small sculpture and it just blends of two worlds of art andscience and craft and aspect. And to get that understanding that youbought more than just something that’s exhilarating and entertaining, but you likewise havea full crafted patch that smothers you. If you make exterior color into yourcolors, seatbelts, calipers motors, you could build well over1 1,000 different combinations. You is actually build whatever youwant and make it be spoke to you. Having something that imparts the thrillof driving everybody in their own unique way is kind of truly beenthe focus in Corvette.This is something I hear beautiful. 1975, all the Corvette, my grandfather used to work on it daily. Every time I go to his house, he’d be in the back. And that wasmy introduction to automobiles. The real, my dad’s a collector now. And now Ihad the means to be able to collect. So as part of my family, it’s alearning process for me every day. I’m with them, any gossip, I’mlearning something new every time. Yeah. The course we various kinds of ever looked at itas a hassle to look like it’s moving fast. When it’s sitting still, it’slike jaunt down “peoples courts”, right. It’s remaining you in thatsight string and moving forward.She locked in. I liked that.Yeah. Yeah. That’s sick. It’s your tribunal vision, right? A hundred. Percent. Every detail substances. Goal is to still be able tocapture that exhilarate of the drive. It should be an experiencedman get out of a gondola, get out there and take a deep breath.Your center is still pumping a little bit. Like you can’t get it too manyplaces in my life.Is that. Feeling a similar feelingwhen you’re on the court? Yeah. I shot that feeling. My first few years youreading the list, oh, this person is better than that person. I know they say the same thing about vehicles. And I ultimately got to a extent where I’mjust playing against myself. You know, I’ve seen my profession and my performancetake extraordinary paces only by that Headspace alone. At the end of the day.It’s how do you build uponyourself to draw yourself better? We’re coming 70 years withthis vehicle. You have that, that feeling of who youare and what your brand is, and likewise gives you thatopportunity to challenge you. That is to make it your own.But as you’re doing that, you get to look backwards a little bitto make sure you’re making the right decisions with very good. I represent, coming from ahistory of Booker blood that, that represented a good deal of basketball, commencing with my grandpa, moving down a generation tomy father. You know , now me, I only want to take it to a entire notherlevel, humankind. You know, it saved me leading, I surely take this to a trackand to a really nice dinner.And if I want to draw some, some real interference plucking up, this is what I’m goingto be in right here. Coming to the Nurburgringis the ultimate test. You get every single sortof turn, every high speed, low-toned fast, high control, low-pitched grip.It’s a long move racetrack, but with countless, countless challenges and you really are pushingany road car to the absolute limit, every sort of load that you couldpossibly experience anywhere else in the world. You get it allhere on one racetrack. It. Genuinely is the benchmark for the world. So much of the performance ofthe car started on the racetrack. That’s where the picture is tried becausethey’re extend the limitations and they accompanying that technology to the road. When you think about a supercar, your thinking about rapidity, you think about horsepower. Andwithout that, you’re nowhere.Good blessing. Thank you, Ollie, appreciate that.[ inaudible][ inaudible ]. Scar croaks so quickly, so easily. And the capacity to only kind ofhandle the car on this racetrack is pretty unheard of. It’s fundamentally a race car thatyou can drive on the road ability to carve the regions, the abilityto applied that traction down. Cause all of those feelings that I hadfrom the race car is right here in the zero six.General machines recognize this as anincredible lieu to come and develop vehicles and to compete with the EuropeansBMW, the Mercedes, the Porsche’s. And if we really want Corvette to competeon the world stage and scoot in a international stage, then “weve been” have to beginselling vehicles with right-hand drive. We have to do it for Corvettefor the future point. It’s unequivocally a supercar, the[ inaudible] reward patrons thatchoose to explore its performance limits. And there’s nothing more importantthan that connection with the machine. When you’re driving something witha action ability of the Z06. European competitors havegotta be a little nervous. You guys truly made thenail on the front with this. I’ve always been very proud of the factthat the Corvette is purely American effort, but I could never haveguessed where we would be today. The brand-new Z06 generates that trackexperience to the everyday enthusiast. If I look at 10 year oldme and say, all right, we’re going to build this exotic engine.We’re going to have thebest tires in the world. Biggest separates that we haveever put on a Corvette here, your dynamics that are betterthan anything we’ve done before. And you can be part ofthat. That is fulfilling. Every dream I would have as a young baby. I represent one of hundreds that have puttheir blood and sweat into this engine truly does open the doors of whatwe can do with a small walk through.We’re only just getting started. Theproject is like going to the moon. It’s a product of a image, butour team has never done Z0 6. It’s just the next chapterin a very long book ..

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