2021 Specialized Stumpjumper Alloy Review (1 Month)

[ Music] what’s up guys i have been riding the brand-new 2021 stumpjumper metal for about a month now so i’m going to call this an initial scrutinize i’m going to walk through my observances of the bike some of the improvements that i’ve done we’ll give you some loads to supplement a value video that i did that i’ll link to in the video but we’re just going to go through initial thoughts and kind of give you an idea of what you can expect from this bike let’s do a speedy are walking of the bike only understand the spec so you’ve got a killer grid in the breast as a tire that’s going to be at 29 2.3 and then you’ve got a purgatory in the back which is going to be also a 29. I talked about this in my heavines video but this is just a really really aggressive tire so i haven’t gotten to it yet but i’m going to kept a different tire combination on this bicycle i talked about these tires in my heavines video which i’ll link to but this is just a super vigorous tire so i think there’s some value savings to be had in these tires by going to a little bit less vigorous tire i think you might want something like this if you’re doing a lot of downhill it’s it’s really good for clambering but you can probably travel a little less vigorous if you want to pick up some value savings now let’s talk postponement so you’ve got a rock shock 35 silver-tongued which is 140 mil in the front and then on the on the chassis you’ve got a x synthesi which is a 130 so you got 140 and 130 which is a really really nice combination for a trail bike what i would tell you is um this is adjustable it’s got the lockout the comeback and it’s got this so you can adjust your slump no sag accommodation on the front fork you’ve got to go off of i don’t know if you can see this but there’s a little chart now that tells you what your weight is will vary depending on your heavines what to set the forecast so i’m at about 160 65 pounds on a good day and i’ve got a hundred pounds of um stres in this 100 psi in in this front fork and then this is just about adjusted based on sag that’s your dangling on this bike i’ll tell you it’s it’s pretty good i’m still kind of wearing this in and we’ll consider judgment still out on the rear disturbance i’m trying different combos of the the the pressure and the lockout and the comeback on that we’ll experience where we land on verdict on the suspension but initial thoughts pretty good so here on your figurehead collapse your backlash on this it’s a little cheap it’s plastic you can’t really tell from the video but this is a little plastic cap it’s got about three two three it’s got about three clicks of revision on it the such adjustments on my 2014 was aluminum and i think the collapse on my 2014 it was a comp but aluminum framework but i think a little better constituents on the on the 2014 a little disappointed in that it feels like it merely might break off if you if you ding it or punch it on a cliff i’ve seen i did want to mention this because i’ve seen a lot of fluster online on your rear suspension it clearly says on the website it has fling chip technology and it does but if you look for it now and expect to see it now on the servitude like you appreciate on some of the higher end frameworks you’re not going to find it and when i first got the bike i made this apart looking for the move chipping i looked underneath i disassembled the disturbance i was kind of confused by it there really wasn’t a lot of information what i figured out was the throw chip on the metals actually now and i did a whole video on how to snap that so that you can change your geometry change in geometry you get the big things are you get a 7 mil change in your sole bracket elevation and then you get about a half a degree change in your posterior direction and your foreman tube angle and compared against my 2014 Stumpjumper this is way more slack it’s it’s more practice more stretched out it’s got a really nice geometry to it so it’s nice and stretched out feels super super stable it’s got a really nice geometry to it precisely need to work on the load a little let’s talk restraint you got a 200 rotor in the front and a 180 in the back stock brakes on this thing i’ll show them to you in a second were not good i upgraded to the xt’s about four or five days after i got the bike if you were just riding around your vicinity broth brakes might be okay if you’re doing line riding of any serious nature you’re going to want to upgrade your brakes so here’s your inventory brakes this is a techtro gemini sl it’s got a ceramic pad it’s a one piston undermine on figurehead and back they’re pretty lighting but the stop capability between this and the shimano xt is just night and day let’s talk drivetrain so the drivetrain on this it comes with a sram uh spline drivetrain on it in a in a sram uh 1×12 drivetrain my amends that i’ve done on this is i made this to the dub system and i got rid of the micro spline i did a elliptical ultimate black oval series resounding gx cranks and then i left the back end of the bike just like it was and this is one of the beautiful things about the sram drivetrain is they’re interchangeable so i’ve got a gx and then this is probably a sx buttock cassette but they’re they all work together so i didn’t touch the back end of the drivetrain at all i just focused on reducing the value of the uh sram spline and going into the dub with the gx cranks and i got my shimano’s xt pedals on here or uh shimano pedal on now here is your factory install crank set and bottom bracket and i encompassed this again i encompassed it in my force video but you can see you’re sitting at 2.3 pounds on this person i got a weight savings of a pound by going to the dub uh g freighter bracket with the gx uh crank pound immense force savings let’s talk about the decorate on this motorcycle i’ve got a ride cover i’ll link to it in the video um description but i’ve got a ride fold on it and if you can see it’s got a really really nice flat finish on it “youre seeing” where the ride wrapping starts right here it’s pretty much plaster the majority of the bike but human this thing is cool looking when you before i considered it this is a matte finish ride wrap so it’s got a little bit of sheen to it i care it was like a little bit better at showing the factory finish on the bicycle because it’s really really cool matte color and it time seems awesome everything’s pretty blacked out on this bike so they did a really good job of blacking out the components it precisely looks really really cool here’s what i’ll tell you more than one of you guys have told me that the finish on this is super soft i’m glad i did the the move fold i’ve already get i noticed right here i’ve got a chip precisely from the handful of journeys that i’ve done it hit this journey wrap but it rind off and chipped the draw right there and i don’t think that’s from the um crank set i’m pretty sure it’s not i think i got dinged with a rock-and-roll right there but really cool finish i’m just reluctant it’s a little bit soft i know sometimes these will thicken up um as they age a little bit so i’m hoping that’s the case with this and that it’s it’s not a depict breach hoping this cover will thicken up but i’ve got it pretty well plowed i’ve got some care on the surprises you can see i’ve already got a little ding there from the first ride but this ride wrap is pretty cool takes about two hours to put on but pretty cool product really really good fit so i most suggested that specialized tractions on this they’re super reduce i like super thin controls i don’t like a dense soft traction i had a little bit of hand grief when i got moved from my 2014 Stumpjumper to this bike i think it’s related to the position my hands are in which is going to be solved by a riser bar but i like these controls they’re they’re they’re super thin and if you like that you’re going to like these if you like like something that’s thick and soft you’re probably going to want to change those out rims are specialized and i think this has engagement and the rims are tubeless ready tires are tubeless ready i pulled my tubings out did the tubeless conversion i’ll link to the products i used for that includes the valve stems and the sealant and all of that to do the conversion and i’ll actually make a video when i get my brand-new tires in we’ll get this person altered over to a new tire combining and i’ll show you how i do the tubeless if if you guys want to see that so a month in what are my impressions of this motorcycle the weight is an issue for me i got to manage that down a little bit and i got to get used to it i’m going from 29.4 pounds on my 2014 to 35.4 on this motorcycle so a handful of upgrades to do to manage that weight down but i will tell you i do like the geometry it descends like crazy i feel so stable and i can hold a line on this by climbing in a way that i just don’t feel like i could do on with the geometry on my other bicycle when i get into a really technical soar this bicycle does great it’s a little more slack it’s a bit longer it feels super stable i just want to get that weight down and then there’s a handful of ascents between the tire combining i feel like the figurehead scandalize it’s a little bit cheap on some of the components and the backlash readjustment i hope it’s durable and i hope it accommodates up we’ll see how that goes with the modernize on the brakes the stopping power is good i feel comfy with that the factory brakes you got to upgrade those unless you’re just razz around the neighborhood or cruising around neighborhood trails if you’re doing any serious kind of trail riding you’re going to have to plan for that improve i used did the shimano xt’s i’ll link to them and i’ll go ahead and do a more long-term review these are my initial impressions a month in sometimes it takes a while to work into a brand-new bike and kind of get used to it takes a little time so we’ll insure where we land i hope you discovered this useful thanks for tuning in

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