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2 Spieler fast an Fallschaden gestorben | Titan 2 News #10

Musicians roughly died of drop impair twice today. It all started with Haubna, who fell down aravine and merely survived with two stomaches thanks to titanium armor. MLG Water was just as late for him as it was forVeni. He too pranced deep down in a mountain rangeand also is away with merely 2 nerves. Nonetheless, a demise would have beenmanageable because the equipment could have been picked upagain promptly. The gear of the participants is now becoming more andmore enchanted, and so the first actors once have Sharpness IV. On the other hand, the Titan Bow is rarely expended, because leveling up a regular bend is cheaper. Too, Full Titan is nothing specialbecause every second team has now too utilized Venis X-Ray. However, significantlyfewer beings have duplicated the enchantment strategy at Veni. Although Vicevice should have had enough experiencewith the 1.8 enchantment system by now, he disappointed me a little on date 10. The ranks in the enchantment table from 1-30indicate how many levels a musician must have at least, nonetheless, exclusively 1 position and 1 lapis are required for the first study, 2 degrees and 2 lapis for the second anda maximum of 3 elevations and 3 for the third field Lapis due.Both Vice and Domse certainly didn’t want to pay8 levels of fantasy for Sharpness-II. It also doesn’t matter whether you enchant a sword, a spinning rod, an ax or a pickaxe. New enchantments are always shown for all pieces afterwards, so you don’t have to ship wooden swords for the swordenchantments, but can go through all armor or a prow during this time. Thank you for watching ..

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