💳 Bank Of America Credit Cards Review | Best 0% APR and Low-Interest (18 Months 0% APR)

What’s going on Radical Marketers? It’s theRadical Marketer back again with another video and in this video, we’re going to talk about maybe oneof the best balance transfer cards at zero percent on the personal side of credit. Okay, so ifthis is your first time tuning in to my direct, welcome, thank you for stopping by. If you couldsmash that like button, knock that subscribe button that’d be super supportive because I makevideos on how to leverage social media, how to leverage recognition and how to make money online andI’m going to be making a lot more videos here. In the near future, actually, every day so makessure you take care of that demolish that like button demolish that agree button. I seriously appreciateit all right. So, we’re gonna have a real real real honest conference about what I feel, couldbe some of the best zero percentage credit cards but in this video uh solely we’re going to talkabout this Bank Of America Card um that is really vie to be one of the best zero percentcredit cards and I’m actually going to tell you why? Okay, um now whether you have a relationshipwith Bank of America or not um I know beings feel different ways about Bank of America.I actuallyhave one. I started my liaison with them with the Alaska Airline placard okay because I wasliving up in the northwest at the time and Alaska Airlines kind of owns that fly infinite um and thecredit card that they have is with Bank of America but I say all that to say this um when you’rein a bind and it is required to do a balance transfer. It is always key to find a duo things numberone zero percent of course, number two uh a long period of time where you can maximize your cashflow okay and then I would say the number three thing would be a high limit that they are able to giveyou and actually I would say number four would be doing you already have a banking relationship withthem.Okay, and I’m going to touch on all of those okay now this Bank of America Card righthere as you can see is zero percent APR for proposal 18 statute rounds for purchases.So, what that intends is you could open this card and not pay any interest on that card for 18 months which would be a year and a half. okay um that card right there for a new person you may geta limit of 7 500 10 000 perhap 20 000 if you have a really good really good credit uh but i’m goingto tell you a really key secret at the end of this video so make sure you stay tuned okay but um it’sgonna be 18 months at zero percent for acquisitions but um and for any balance moves formed in thefirst 60 daytimes so if you open this card and in the first two months you want to do a balance transferyou are not going to pay any interest on that the balance that you carried now are there vfees associated with it yes they’re very minimal it’s the cost of doing business let’s notcomplain about that when you’re in a bind and need to move money around apr zero percentcards are a lifesaver okay now uh this came across uh my scrutiny because i was helping somebodyfind zero percent placards this actually looks like something i may explore myself okay and here’s whyuh bank of america is is good for a marry things with the credit cards number one when you do thehard pull it’s kind of hard to get them at first okay it wasn’t the easiest card to get butonce you have it they are able to do a soft pluck based on the recording of this video they willdo a soft pull on your ascribe if you call in so if you call in and say hey i would like to do acredit limit increase they actually won’t give you an increase until 12 months okay which is kind ofcrappy but when at 12 months they are generally double your credit limit so i had started off with 10 000 on alaskan airlines and then every single year i just asked for a ten thousand dollar increaseto now i have a thirty thousand dollar limit with alaska airlines and here’s what here’s what’sgets really cool freedom uh before the pandemic had made they were always referring me uh checks to beable to pull from my credit card which are super helpful privilege um in order to be allowed to literally liquidatemy credit cards and pay zero percent interest on it now that’s a great opinion but you gotta rememberif you take the full amount you’re maximizing 100 utilization so really restrain that in mindbut here’s the thing if you have a high limit and you need 5 000 to take off of it youcould take one of those checks write yourself a um a check from the card and you know depositthat in your accounting right uh which is really really cool right at zero percentage soit’s kind of like a mini loan in a certain sense you’re liquidating that placard but i say all that tosay that i’m digressing i get super passionate but um this placard i love it because that’s a year anda half of zero percentage on the assign okay now you can actually transfer back and forth frombusiness to personal from business to personal personal to business okay it’s not a problem atall and i’ve done a video on uh bhg credit cards and i’ll link that in the video description aboveum and you guys can taken to ensure that video out um above right here on the card but basically the wholegoal is when you’re doing equilibrium conveys to move the money around and have a long period oftime where you can capitalize that cash flow okay so with this i love this because it’s 18 monthsand because those of you that already have a banking relationship with bank of america meaningyou have a credit card with them right now i don’t care what the credit card is here’s the cool thingif you’re in good bear you can call them up and say hey listen i would like to apply for thiscredit card let’s say you don’t get the limit that you want you want to get seven you get seventhousand ten thousand right and you don’t get that limit that you want it’s not enough privilege umyou can actually say wow i’m really disappointed uh in the personal credit line that i received i waswondering if you could re-look at that and maybe reconsider which is like a reconsider lineokay usually they’re not going to do now that for you unless it’s very peculiar occasions but here’swhat you can do next okay fully understand it’s not what i wanted to hear but how about we do thishow about we reallocate one of the purposes of my credit line from this poster and move it to this card whichis the brand new card so essentially what you’re saying is hey i’m not happy with that answerbut i am aware of but what i would like to do is take card a that i already have with you let’ssay you have a ten thousand dollar limit and you want to move 8 000 of that over to your newcard which would then increase your credit limit which would then give you zero percent on that newlimit for the amount of months that you have a lot of people don’t know that you can reallocate linesof recognition some fellowships do it some corporations do not bank of america is one that does without acredit check okay that’s the key so the reason why i like bank of america when it comes to creditcards and shout out to you guys bank of america is because when you get their placards there’s nohard pull for a credit limit increase after a year okay i love that okay the second thing isis you can reallocate your routes of ascribe very easy okay so what i like about that is isthis is i virtually have a 30 000 restriction with alaska i have been able to automatically apply for this cardand then if i wish i could have like maybe have a 40 000 restriction i could move a majority of my credit lineover to this card and that’s a jolly high-pitched restraint for a personal card now certainly that’s businesscards are the best acces to go but the policy when you’re dealing with the personal sideof things is is you want to get placards where you’re going to be doing 0 you’re likewise goingto want to be coming cards where you can do credit limit increases without a hard drag youwant to save your inquests as much as possible can you remove the inquiry absolutely but whenyou have a card open it’s hard to remove that investigation okay i don’t care what anybody tellsyou okay because what happens is let’s say i apply for this card and i get it and then iwant to have somebody remove that inquiry from me because you can find that all over youtubeyou can you can google that a lot of people don’t give you all the information they wantto sell you on their approval repair services i don’t do a recognition amend okay i’m not knockinganybody’s hustle but i don’t do that i’m just trying to give you the game i’m trying to giveyou the game right the credit evangelist right but regardless um so literally you canget this card okay uh and then you can reallocate the line of credit to that and then youcould pull that fund from there uh when you consider deem fit okay and then when that time runs out youcan move that balance to a to a business credit card or to multiple business credit cards rightand yes you’re gonna be inquiring uh poised carry-over fees okay don’t get me wrong that isthe cost of doing business it’s a lot cheaper than you compensating interest it’s a lot cheaper thanyou getting a personal loan for the most part um and it only impedes you fluid in cash flow rightso this card right here okay no annual cost that’s great low-pitched introductory apr uh particularly very high soyou have two months to literally set set up that balance transfer now here’s the thing people if yousay yeah i’ll come that later on this th they do have time limits to these things let me tell youwhat i mean by that last year when a pandemic was starting to happen okay um i had had my eye onthis offer of like it was like 21 months right at zero percent right and so i had my eye onit but i didn’t want to take advantage of it because i wanted to do a duet more things withmy credit next thing you know it was gone talk to management they wouldn’t give it to me so really beaware that these things have time limits and 20 uh and 18 months is a unusually very big deal okay ayear and a half that’s a lot no sanction apr right um so yeah like like i told you that i like is this gonnabe an easy card to get i think you’re gonna have to have reasonably decent recognition i think you’re gonnahave to have like a 720 to a 740 you’re going to want to check the um the recognition boards for thosetype of things but this is the game on bank of america zero percentage match change um solidsolid poster subscribe to this channel okay um i’m going to give you the next zero percentage poster togo after tomorrow on tomorrow’s video so make sure that you subscribe to this channel like commenttell me if you got a bank of america card tell me how your experience has been help the algorithmout assist more parties see this like i said i’m not i’m not selling you a mastermind i’m not sellingyou recognition amend i’m literally trying to give you the game i’m also involved in numerous mastermindspeople that you probably watch all over youtube uh but my entire aim is just to make money onyoutube with it and merely serve their local communities and time be very transparent as i can andjust give you my experience i don’t know everything but i know something and when itcomes to bank of america i know the game on this that most people aren’t teaching you geta bank of america poster you senility the account you ask for credit limit increases every yearthen you go after the zero percentage posters and you move it to the business cards you can liquidateit you can do whatever you want to do with it but you improve these relationships with these bigbanks and with these credit unions all right so like observation subscribe and i’ll catch youguys on the next video take care treaty

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