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✅ Samsung Flip 2 mit Apple / iOS verbinden – so gehts ⚠️ NEUER Kurs bei Udemy

in my other videos on the topic of samsung move 2 i link the playlist once up here i have mentioned several times that it is a real shame that you cannot stream screen materials from the iphone or ipad to the flip 2 that has now varied, for example an apple tv container i have already connected one to the flip 2 and that worked wonderfully for me but unfortunately merely a black screen it did not process the signal correctly and no matter what i did it did not work so i have one made a video and asked for help on youtube and a customer insure that aviator flyer many thanks and accosts to the sauerland and then gave me tips on what I can do so that the apple tv container also are working with the snap 2, the first thing you do should is an update and if you have set auto updates on the samsung throw 2 then it will not work under certain circumstances, the brand-new plucks software not down why that is no idea that means you have to install the update manually so go to the collect page sought for the latest update quarry was to 1060 an ancient explanation and i have now installed 1111 and i think the last official one was 1080 but have a look on the internet and envision what the current version is, should be used not find the 1111 write me in the comment function below then I will make a link to it when you have installed it then you merely have to go to the menu below under envision then resolution of the screen release and that must be on UHD because the apple tv box sends in 4k if you still have an older one then it may be that you have to set a different signal if you give the car it didn’t work for me so when i car then the flip 2 did not find it again and now we want to take a look at what it looks like when you connect apple tv via di e box his mirroring does whatever you have from the iphone or ipad naturally that is how if you plug in the hdmi cable then it were typically find the apple tv casket if that doesn’t work go on top of it then on pc then on hdmi there you press it and then he has also found the signal of the apple tv chest on the iphone it is like that here in the top right once pull down the screen synchronization then adopt your apple tv box I did it here and then it manipulates relatively quickly here it is and we just do something really funny, let’s see if that works like that here is what i’m filming right now my studio the tv on which i see myself and you can see everything on the screen even in lives and the neat thing is you can do that and that is very funny for football tutors or for plays addicts the video video analysis do an overlay on the video and then you can scream on the video ben, for example, dallies or up now or whatever and you can then save it as a photograph, of course, you can also stop it, take a photo now, then it’s not that mad and overlay is a great thing, I’ll turn it off again stop and end once and this is how the screen synchronization studies via the apple tv carton with the samsung turn 2 immense fib and if you are interested in more videos about the samsung flip-flop 2 check the playlist i joined it once at the beginning and there you will find everything possible and all functions about it and how to prepare develops properly how I do it with the backgrounds and so on so a lot of things are included I wish you a lot of enjoyable good entertainment with the other videos if you liked this then subscribe to the main channel press the buzzer and write to me in the comment function if you have any questions or if you like the software as I said You shouldn’t find update in this sense until the next time your uwe

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